Saving Giraffe from Extinction

Ever wonder what it takes to tackle and fit a giraffe with a GPS tracking device?  As you can imagine, this is not an easy task, taking a coordinated effort from a dedicated team of individuals.  In their recent article entitled “How Can We Save Giraffes From Extinction“, Ed Yong and The Atlantic profile activities that I was able to participate in with local and international partners last September (2019).  Make sure to view the video embedded in the article which profiles the efforts of Giraffe Conservation Foundation veterinary fellow, Sara Ferguson.  Truly amazing work that’s being conducted with local organizations in Africa.  Many, many thanks to Ed for traveling with our team and writing this story about the plight of giraffe and the ongoing efforts to save them.

A male reticulated giraffe in Northern Kenya, moments after being fitted with the ossicone-mounted GPS tracking device.

COVID-19 dependent, we have a number of exciting activities planned over the next 6-8 months with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.  This includes giraffe translocations in Uganda and Niger to re-populate former strongholds of the species, and GPS tagging efforts in Kenya.

On another note, is the plural of giraffe, “giraffe” or “giraffes”?  Or the plural of hippopotamus (try saying that 5 times).  Fodder for another day I think.