Global Initiative on Ungulate Migration

Just published in Science, the Global Initiative on Ungulate Migration (GIUM) is a collaboration of 92 international scientists and conservationists from more than 25 countries to map out a future for migratory ungulates. Congratulations to all involved, especially the scientific leads. Further details, including a Migration Viewer , can be found at Even cooler, take a look at the YouTube video. Looking forward to seeing how this initiative and all the collaborators involved grow over time. A first of its kind!

Moving through the mosaic

Incredibly proud of this one. Congratulations to Ramiro Crego for pushing this publication forward, which uses least-cost paths and circuit theory to identify key linkage zones across the Laikipia plateau for African elephant, reticulated giraffe, plains zebra, and Grevy’s zebra. It’s hoped that results from this research will prove useful for wildlife managers across the region, detailing priority areas that are necessary to maintain habitat connectivity for these mega-herbivores. For more details, see our publication in Landscape Ecology.