Greater Mara Ecosystem

This magnificent male leopard (“Chui” in Swahili) allowed us to visit with him for a few hours.

Just back from a few important meetings in the Greater Mara ecosystem.  We’re discussing ways to combat the increased rate of fencing across the region, with an emphasis on using movement data to inform conservation priorities.  Importantly, we are aiming to identify important migratory corridors to determine which parcels of land need to be purchased to maintain habitat connectivity.

Following the meeting, we had dinner with Nick Lapham and Alan Earnshaw in the Naboisho conservancy to discuss potential collaborations.  Along the way, we stopped to see a male leopard relaxing in the tall grass.  The following day we came across a family of cheetah, a mother and four cubs.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

Two siblings playing in the morning sun, Naboisho conservancy.

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