Gearing Up for Giraffe Collaring

After over a year delay, its nearly time to return to Kenya with partners from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, San Diego Zoo Global, and Kenya Wildlife Service to fit 25-30 reticulated giraffe with solar powered GPS transmitters. We’ll be working across the Laikipia Plateau to increase our sample size from n = 11 individuals and provide a better understanding of the space use and movements of these endangered animals.  Along our way, we will be accompanied by Ed Yong, author of “I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life” and journalist at The Atlantic, to increase awareness of the plight of giraffes and the complexities to conserving them.  Should be an exciting two weeks.

Very much looking forward to moving this initiative forward and hopeful to have many pictures to share.

A TOWER of giraffe!  No, for real, that’s the proper term for a group of giraffes.

2 thoughts on “Gearing Up for Giraffe Collaring

  1. Maureen

    Hi Jared

    Latest project – collaring reticulated giraffes in Laikipia Plateau so interesting. Contemplating what a collar for a giraffe should look like would be a fun activity for children’s imaginations!
    Make the day sparkle!


    1. Hi Maureen. You’d be surprised at how small the units are. Smaller than a cell phone and fitted to the animals’ ossicone, they weigh about 65 grams. They are also powered by a solar panel, so conceivably they should work for many years with the suns help. I will send on a picture from Kenya.


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