Population Structure and Spatial Ecology of Kordofan Giraffe

Congratulations to Matthias D’haen and colleagues for their new publication, published in the most recent edition of Ecology & Evolution, to highlight the rapidly declining population of Kordofan giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis antiquorum) across the Garamba complex in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the last remaining populations of the species in the wild.  Estimated at 45 individuals throughout the Garamba complex, populations of Kordofan giraffe have declined by more than 85% over the last three decades.

This research focuses on the isolated, easternmost population of the species, providing an assessment of changes in the population over time based on aerial surveys, the spatial distribution, and home range. Looking forward to next steps!

Location of Garamba National Park and adjacent Hunting Reserves, Democratic Republic of Congo.  Figure also shows the range map of all giraffe (sub)species.  Source: Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

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