Geographic range of giraffe updated

Congratulations to David O’Connor and colleagues for their recent publication in Mammal Review which updates the known distribution of giraffe species across the African continent.  Lot’s of changes due to improved data that will ultimately help to inform and target conservation efforts.  Looking forward to next steps with San Diego Zoo Global and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation as we gear up to collar 25 reticulated giraffe across the northern rangelands in Kenya.

Updated geographic range maps for giraffe in sub‐Saharan Africa. Ranges are shown as filled coloured polygons for each species. The dashed outlines show the previously recognised IUCN range for each taxon (Giraffe Conservation Foundation 2016, Muller et al. 2018). The cross‐hatched areas are where giraffe populations are not confirmed, but possibly do occur. Figure from O’Connor et al. 2019.


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