Integrating animal movement data into conservation decision making

Just back from a workshop in Tanzania, working with colleagues from the University of Glasgow to integrate animal movement data into assessments of the likely effects of infrastructure development projects on wildlife. There is concern across many regions in Africa where these projects are occurring, although little engagement with the scientific community in how data can be incorporated into development plans. The meeting was attended by individuals from 8 different African nations, with data on the movements of elephant, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, wild dog, kob, Tiang, and lion.

Check out this big old fella, giving me the stink eye!

Along the way, we also got to see loads of wildlife in Tarangire National Park, near where our workshop at the Ecoscience Center was hosted. The rains were yet to arrive, so wildlife was concentrated in the park, providing some amazing wildlife viewing opportunities. Lot’s of elephants and zebra…even a few wildebeest, buffalo, and lion!

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